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World Chicago receives about 60% of our funding through U.S. Department of State program grants and contracts. The remaining 40% is achieved through special events, membership, in-kind donations, and sponsorships.

Your continued support helps us close this funding gap and create even more opportunities to bring the world to Chicago, and Chicago to the world.

Upcoming Events

Young Professionals International Trivia Night

Bring your friends, classmates, and colleagues to compete at WorldChicago’s 2016 Young Professionals International Trivia Night! Meet other globally minded young professionals in an evening of invigorating conversation and intense competition.

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Chicago’s Celebration of International Women’s Day

Sheila Watt-Cloutier’s talk will contribute beyond the science and politics and bring a holistic understanding of the significance of the Arctic’s environment and Inuit culture. We often hear about the melting ice and challenged wildlife however it is the human story about communities and the journey through rapid social, cultural and environment change that will help lead us towards better understanding of long term sustainability. Her pioneering global work on connecting Climate Change and Human Rights will also reinforce the fact that everything is connected and we are indeed a shared humanity.

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