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Nigerian Leadership Initiative

A partnership with WorldChicago and Silec Initiatives

WorldChicago is pleased to partner with Silec Initiatives to implement a leadership program to benefit Nigerian leaders, including youth, young executives, and business owners in an exchange program designed to take place in Chicago, IL, USA. The focus of this partnership is to:

  • Expose Nigerian professionals to the United States culture and the opportunities and challenges facing U.S. society;
  • Provide a space for learning and sharing best practices for positive change; and,
  • Expose Silec Initiatives to possible strategies to tackle the challenges facing Nigeria.

This program will bring Nigerian policymakers, public office holders, youth leaders, and business owners from Nigeria to Chicago for a three to five-day customized exchange program. During this time, participants will attend professional meetings with their Chicago counterparts, visiting NGOs, government offices, elected officials, and incubators.

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For additional questions about the exchange, please reach out to Sunny Irakpo at

Silec Initiatives is an independent non-profit organization that works to confront social issues affecting Nigeria's youth. Their areas of interest are carefully selected and designed with strategic programs to support future generations. Their main projects include a Drug Abuse Elimination Campaign Strategy, an Enlightenment on Sexual Molestation and Abuse of Children, Culture and Language Preservation, and Youth Development and Empowerment. They have also extended their initiative to include talent promotion for the youth. This allows them to remove younger generations from the streets and become better citizens.

Sunny Irakpo is the Founder and President of Silec Initiatives, an organization dedicated to youth empowerment and drug-abuse reduction in Nigeria. In 2019, Sunny Irakpo participated in the International Visitor’s Leadership Program (IVLP) sponsored by Exchange Programs - U.S. Department of State and facilitated by WorldChicago and the Meridian International Center. IVLP is the U.S. Department of State's premier professional exchange program. Through three- to four-week visits to cities across the U.S. - including Chicago - current and emerging foreign leaders from various fields engage in face-to-face dialogues with Americans and cultivate lasting relationships with their professional counterparts.

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