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Professional Fellows Program

Emerging international leaders complete short-term fellowships to learn about American government and civil society processes while staying with a host family

Open World Program

The Open World Program enables current and future international leaders to meaningfully engage and interact with Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and thousands of other Americans.

International Visitor Leadership Program

Foreign leaders exchange knowledge and best practices with Chicago experts in the U.S. Department of State’s premiere professional exchange program

For the past month, joining the team at TheSocReports has been an entrepreneur from Slovenia – Tomo Senekovic
Tomo is here via a program run by the State Dept. and administered locally by World Chicago. The goal is to help like-minded professionals around the world get to know one another.
We were matched because we’re both figuring out how to survive in business. (Tomo built a website serving Slovenia that’s a marketplace to connect people who want to sell their business with potential buyers.)
He’s great with digital marketing – and has brought a fresh eye to what we do.
Tomo has remarked a couple of times how nice it is that we have a ‘team.’ In contrast, he runs the business he created *all by himself* – from coding …

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