US-Mexico-Nicaragua International Sports Programming Initiative

The International Sports Programming Initiative (ISPI) is a U.S. Department of State funded program that sponsors sport exchanges to help underserved youth around the world develop important leadership skills, promote tolerance and respect for diversity, and create positive impacts in both their home and host countries.

Organized by the Women Win Foundation and WorldChicago, the US-Mexico/Nicaragua exchange program aims to promote sports as a tool for development, particularly in areas related to female empowerment, youth leadership, and gender equity.

Sports are not just about physical skills, they are about social skills. At a young age, sports teach us all how to work together, how to be resilient, and, most importantly, how to treat and respect others. These issues transcend language barriers and with this program we hope to explore and better understand how we can promote gender equity on the field, that will translate to our homes, our workplaces and the world.

Every participant, upon completion of the program of expert-led workshops, will earn a Double-Goal Coaching Certification from the Positive Coaching Alliance and access to alumni support resources from the U.S. Department of State.

As a response to current COVID-19 restrictions, this exchange program will consist of 3 major components:

  1. 1. Six, 150-minute virtual sessions running live every Friday from November 6 - December 18.
    These will include workshops, discussions, and inspirational talks on sport-based youth development, gender-based violence, and the significance of cross-cultural exchange.
  2. A Digital Storytelling Project in March 2021 to encourage participants to share their own stories and experiences in regard to the program's key themes.
  3. An in-person exchange in May or June 2021 in which the American participants will meet a group of coaches and administrators from Mexico and Nicaragua in Chicago and spend one-week taking part in networking, professional development, community service, and cultural sharing activities. * Please note that the feasibility and timeline of the in-person exchange next year depend on upcoming safety guidelines. We will update all participants as the situation evolves.


For more information email WorldChicago Program Assistant Thi Nguyen or apply TODAY by clicking here.