Create Your Own Exchange

Design your own program! WorldChicago programs expose emerging leaders to Chicago’s industry, culture and history, creating global connectivity and providing expert-driven understanding and learning.

Our Model

With WorldChicago, the city is at your fingertips. WorldChicago’s rich resources across all of Chicago’s industries ensure that your program will be filled with meetings and tours of global organizations, and workshops led by renown thought leaders.

2 days or months

Whether your visit is 2 days or 2 months, WorldChicago will design a program that provides local knowledge framed in a global context.

Who do we work with?

Private companies

Schools, and universities

Local and federal governments

Non-profit organizations

Inspiring, fun and valuable experience. Friendships that were created among our group and with local hosts and people I met, are invaluable.

Filip, Croatia, NAMGO Business Development, Managing Partner


Did you know that KPMG has labeled Chicago a top 10 global innovation hub? Since non-profit digital startup incubator 1871 open in 2012, Chicago’s entrepreneurship scene has exploded, with over 14,000 registered tech businesses (per the U.S. News & World Report). With deep networks within all of Chicago’s incubators, accelerators and coworking spaces, WorldChicago is adept at creating workshop, and fellowship-based programming for aspiring and established entrepreneurs.

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Youth Empowerment

As one of the largest cities in the U.S., Chicago has a youth population of greater than 550,000. Across the North, South and West sides, Chicago boasts some of the world’s best student- and youth-center non-profit organizations. Since 2008, WorldChicago has been designing and implementing youth-empowerment programs that connect international youth with their Chicago-peers.

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Civil Society

Chicago isn’t just the land of Lincoln, it’s the home of the American presidency. From Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant, to Ronald Reagan and Barack Obama, Chicago has always been front and center in U.S. civic society, and a unique case study from understanding public sector challenges and reform initiatives. Whether embedding visitors in local government offices, or designing a workshop-based experimental learning initiative, WorldChicago can leverage the resources of our region to train and educate your team in best-practices in the public sector.

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Business Mentorship

Open your Business to an International Fellow

Share your expertise with an emerging leader from around the world – either with a two-hour meeting with an IVLP delegation or host a young professional in your office for a month where they will work on a project, while bringing an international perspective to your office.

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