A Look Inside a Career in International Diplomacy

My name is Lindsay Post and I am a senior at Loyola University Chicago. I am majoring in political science and international studies and minoring in Spanish. I have always loved traveling and experiencing new cultures.

Two years ago, I was lucky enough to spend a semester studying abroad in Madrid, Spain. It was a dream come true considering how much I love the Spanish language. I really developed by Spanish speaking skills while I was there, and I continue to learn and improve on it to this day. I learned so much about Spanish culture during my time in Madrid and it really solidified my desire to pursue a career in international relations.

I was drawn to WorldChicago because of their work in citizen diplomacy. I love the exchange programs that offer people from different cultures the chance to network and share global ideas. I enjoy being a part of a team that is so passionate about the work they do, and it makes me excited to learn from them. In my time as a Program Assistant, I have helped with the International Visitor Leadership Programs by assembling welcome packets; I helped to distribute WorldChicago’s annual report to its supporters; and I researched professional development events for our fellowship program.

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