My two weeks in Chicago

Chicago has been amazing so far. I had the chance to meet my homestay host Tony and also had the chance to get to know closer my roomate Mak. This whole experience for me has been eye-opening as i got to meet all these amazing people and chat about different aspects of life. After exchanging a lot of cultural differences with my homestay host Tony I came to knowledge a lot of stuff that was new to me.

I learned about his home country Jamaica and also he tells me stories all the time about his time here in America and how he made it through his life. When we come home from work and a couple of drinks with friends me and my roommate usually sit down and chat with Tony until it's our bed time, i think it’s a really important time for all of use to talk about what happened during the day and how we managed to solve it.

On my first day of work i really didn’t have any expectations as I only chatted through video-call. I have been surprised to learn that me and my fellowship host Ali Karbassi have so much in common. We both like to volunteer and our skillset is almost the same. I loved to help him on his Ignite Event, where i rebuild the whole website for them and together with my host we kept on working on it and we got a lot of positive feedback from the board of directors. After we finished with Ignite, we continued on working on our own open source learning management platform at My host explained to me that they needed to integrate payments into the website and I was the only one that could help them. After a weeks work we finally finished integrating payments and they are happy with the work, they also suggested that i continue finding bugs on the software so i can further help them develop the website. I also actively participate in events with my host Ali, we were just recently invited at an NGO only meeting at the City Library of Chicago where i got the opportunity to meet a lot of local NGO-s in Chicago who focus on teaching stem skills to kids.

On the 14th of May i got the opportunity to speak at the WorldChicago Spring Diplomacy Luncheon on their 10th anniversary, i got to meet all these amazing people and tell them about my experience here in Chicago and also what i do home.

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