Interning at WorldChicago Julia Sosnivka

My name is Julia Sosnivka and although I was born and raised in Chicago, my family is originally from Lviv, Ukraine. As a first-generation Ukrainian immigrant, it was standard for us to learn Ukrainian and Russian, so I have been fortunate enough to grow up speaking three languages and using them interchangeably as necessary.

Since my brothers and I grew up in the United States, traveling has been an agenda for us for as long as I can remember. At first, it was just a way for us to reconnect with family we do not see often, later, I realized that it was a way for us to maintain our cultural connection. This in turn flourished my passion for traveling. Personally, traveling is a way to bridge the gaps that are present within our societies. It fosters an understanding between different groups of people and allows them to become more open minded towards the people within their home communities. In a globalized world like today, everyone is connected, and it is only fair that we learn from one another to encourage peace and unity.

I was interested in interning with WorldChicago because of their mission to promote citizen diplomacy between different groups of people. So far, I have been able to learn about the measures that it takes for establishing different cultural programs. Particularly, I have assisted in the process of establishing programs for professionals coming to the Chicago. From Professional Fellows to IVLPs, it really does take a team to ensure that these programs successfully take place, and I am fortunate enough to say I am a part of this team.

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