International Relations Major at Lake Forest College and WorldChicago

Hi! My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a senior at Lake Forest College. I’m originally from Oistins, Barbados but I now live in New York. I’m an International Relations major with a double minor in Asian Studies and Chinese.

I love to travel and got to explore most of Europe when I attended UWCAd in Duino, Italy for my last two years of high school. My junior year at LFC, I studied abroad in Shanghai, China and had the opportunity to travel around China and South East Asia while I was there. I’m currently learning Mandarin and hope to one day be able to speak it in a professional setting. After my graduation in May, I’m hoping to attend grad school in China to study international relations and diplomacy.

I wanted to intern at WorldChicago because I have always been interested in diplomacy and international relations. While attending school in Barbados, I had the opportunity to represent Barbados on different exchange trips and thought it would be interesting to see the behind the scenes of how these exchanges are planned. One thing that I have learnt during my time at WorldChicago is all of the work that goes into making a non-profit function. I’ve had a great time getting to help the staff with their programs and learning about the work that WorldChicago does.

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