Last May, I walked into the WorldChicago office not knowing what the summer would have in store for me. As an intern, I was wondering if I would be placed with the International Visitor Leadership Program, grant writing, fundraising, the youth programs, or any of the many things that WorldChicago

In September 2014, Gabriela from Ecuador spent two weeks in Chicago with the U.S. Department of State’s Youth Ambassadors Program with Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. Like all of WorldChicago’s youth exchange participants, she stayed with a host family. They treated me like one of them! “When I traveled to the U.S. I

In March 2015, a Nigerian high school student named Adijat spent eight days in Chicago as a participant in the U.S. Department of State’s Pan-Africa Youth Leadership Program. Hosted locally by WorldChicago, the program promotes leadership, mutual understanding, and community service for teens from sub-Saharan Africa. Students reside with Chicago-area

Growing up, we’re taught to think of our own families, communities, and traditions as “normal” and everyone else’s as “different.” Volunteering at WorldChicago has helped change my views on that. As a volunteer and host family, I was able to interact with teenagers my age who’ve come from afar, while