Homestay host and frequent blogger Todd Wells shares another story from his experiences with WorldChicago visitors. You can read more on Todd’s travel blog, Travel Diary of a Mad Man. Yessimbol, from Kazakhstan, had arrived only a few minutes earlier and didn’t speak English. So it was in Russian that he asked

Frequent WorldChicago homestay host Todd Wells and his family hosted a Pan-Africa youth program mentor from the island of Mauritius this past March. The following is an excerpt from Todd’s travel blog, Travel Diary of a Mad Man, documenting their foray into “Pancake Diplomacy.”  What is pancakes? American soft power,

In September 2014, Gabriela from Ecuador spent two weeks in Chicago with the U.S. Department of State’s Youth Ambassadors Program with Bolivia, Ecuador, and Peru. Like all of WorldChicago’s youth exchange participants, she stayed with a host family. They treated me like one of them! “When I traveled to the U.S. I

Growing up, we’re taught to think of our own families, communities, and traditions as “normal” and everyone else’s as “different.” Volunteering at WorldChicago has helped change my views on that. As a volunteer and host family, I was able to interact with teenagers my age who’ve come from afar, while