Professional Hosting

Join the hundreds of businesses, nonprofits, and government offices that volunteer to host our international visitors each year. From accountable government and anti-trafficking to water management and women in STEM, the diversity of our visitors’ expertise matches the diversity of Chicago’s professional sector.

Visitors are eager to learn about best practices and innovations in their industries here in the U.S. and in Chicago. In turn, as professional hosts, you gain insight into the workings and trends of your industry abroad.

WorldChicago provides all professional hosts with visitors’ biographies, program objectives, and when available, talking points in advance of the visitors’ arrival.

What is Professional Hosting?


• Last approximately 60 to 90 minutes
• Informal, off-the-record discussion of your organization’s work, current projects, and/or industry practices
• Flexible format: typically introduction or brief presentation followed by Q&A
• Flexible location: meetings can take place in your office, on a site visit, as a tour, at a café, at WorldChicago’s office, etc
• Delegations range in size from 1 to 25
• Meetings are conducted in English; Interpretation provided as needed
• Feel free to ask questions of the visitors!

Meetings-Based Programs: International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP), Open World, Community Connections, Youth Leadership


•  In-depth training focused on communications, action planning, advocacy, or other leadership skills
•  Last approximately 1–4 hours; Longer as needed

Workshop-Based Programs: Youth Leadership, Community Connections, IVLP


• Range from 1 to 4 weeks
• Consists of job shadow, observation, research, small administrative projects
• Appoint a staff member to be Fellow’s supervisor and primary point-of-contact with WorldChicago

Fellowship-Based Programs: Professional Fellows Program, Shanghai Management Fellows

For more information on professional hosting, contact Angela Mughal at or 312.254.1800 x102.


“We took Nino to meetings with elected and appointed officials, community groups, and one of the school closing hearings… She was impressed with the children who presented testimony on why their school should not be closed.” — Ken Gunn, Professional Fellowship Host

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