World Chicago receives about 60% of our funding through U.S. Department of State program grants and contracts. The remaining 40% is achieved through individual donations, special events, membership, and sponsorships. Our generous donors help close this funding gap and create even more opportunities to bring the world to Chicago, and Chicago to the world.

Thank you to all of our donors!

Ambassador Circle

Adi Altshuler
John Ambrogi
Neal Ball
Simone Baptiste
Gabrielle Buckley
Brian Caffarelli & Stacy Dalton
Linda Cushman
Emilia DiMenco
George Drost
Manuel Flores
Corey Friedman
Daniel Goff
Joe Goldberg
Philip Gordon
Michelle Kristula-Green
Lydia Lazar
Katie Merrell
Joan Miller
Elif Oker
Peggy & Eric Parfenoff
Rebecca Pietrini
Greta Pope
Carol & John Rappel
Loretta Rosenmayer
Virginia Russell
Jessica & Steve Sarowitz
Stephen Spigel & Diana Williams
Louis P. & Joyce Vitullo
Suzanne Wexler

WorldChicago extends a special thank you to the Sarowitz Family.


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