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  • Professional Fellows Program

    Emerging international leaders complete short-term fellowships to learn about American government and civil society processes while staying with a host family
  • Youth Leadership Program

    Youth programs inspire cross-cultural dialogue, build respect, and boost civic engagement among young Americans and their international peers

In the shadow of the Syrian refugee crisis, I traveled to the Balkans to learn how they’re making progress on creating smart cities of the 21st century. Earlier this fall, I had the honor and pleasure of participating in the U.S. Department of State Professional Fellows Program, through WorldChicago and on behalf of Clean Energy Trust. The State Department program brings together emerging leaders from all over the world working in the fields of civic engagement, government and economic growth with their counterparts in the United States. This type of exchange contributes to cross-cultural learning, sharing best practices, and enables citizen diplomacy. Clean Energy Trust jumped at the chance to participate in the program by first agreeing to be a host organization with WorldChicago. They paired us with a ...

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