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  • Professional Fellows Program

    Emerging international leaders complete short-term fellowships to learn about American government and civil society processes while staying with a host family
  • Youth Leadership Program

    Youth programs inspire cross-cultural dialogue, build respect, and boost civic engagement among young Americans and their international peers

Reciprocal Exchanges Kick-Off in Croatia, Argentina, Brazil, and more Fellowship host Gillian Downey of i.c. stars, WorldChicago Board Chair Gabrielle Buckley, and Pro Fellows alum Vedran Didara enjoy strukli, a popular traditional Croatian dish Did you know that in addition to bringing hundreds of international leaders to Chicago each year, WorldChicago also sends Chicagoans abroad to continue the partnership with their peers? This week, 11 citizen diplomats who participated in our 2016 Professional Fellow Program have set out across the globe for seminars, meetings, and trainings sponsored by the U.S. Department of State. In Croatia, the 2nd Chicago Collaboration Week begins April 6, 2017 with a two-day summit in Zagreb with seven Chicago experts from our Tech Entrepreneurship & Innovation Fellows ...

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