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  • Professional Fellows Program

    Emerging international leaders complete short-term fellowships to learn about American government and civil society processes while staying with a host family
  • Youth Leadership Program

    Youth programs inspire cross-cultural dialogue, build respect, and boost civic engagement among young Americans and their international peers

Homestay host and frequent blogger Todd Wells shares another story from his experiences with WorldChicago visitors. You can read more on Todd’s travel blog, Travel Diary of a Mad Man. Yessimbol, from Kazakhstan, had arrived only a few minutes earlier and didn’t speak English. So it was in Russian that he asked me why the zombie mannequin hanging from the ceiling was dressed in lingerie and high heels. My wife and I prefer to host guests who don’t speak English. The first, and more prosaic, reason is that it gives me a chance to practice my Russian — a language immersion program where I don’t have to leave the house. More philosophically though, after eight years of hosting international visitors for WorldChicago, we’ve figured out that guests who already speak English don’t need us much. They’ve probably already traveled, if not to the U.S., then to another English-speaking country where they’ve gotten ...

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