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  • Professional Fellows Program

    Emerging international leaders complete short-term fellowships to learn about American government and civil society processes while staying with a host family

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    Youth programs inspire cross-cultural dialogue, build respect, and boost civic engagement among young Americans and their international peers

For the past month, joining the team at TheSocReports has been an entrepreneur from Slovenia – Tomo Senekovic
Tomo is here via a program run by the State Dept. and administered locally by World Chicago. The goal is to help like-minded professionals around the world get to know one another.
We were matched because we’re both figuring out how to survive in business. (Tomo built a website serving Slovenia that’s a marketplace to connect people who want to sell their business with potential buyers.)
He’s great with digital marketing – and has brought a fresh eye to what we do.
Tomo has remarked a couple of times how nice it is that we have a ‘team.’ In contrast, he runs the business he created *all by himself* – from coding …

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